This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache jUDDI – Supported UDDI APIs and Functions Fork me on GitHub

The following is a list of all supported UDDI interfaces.

API Spec Supported Notes
Inquiry Required All Methods
Inquiry HTTP GET Optional All Methods Plus a number of additional methods
Publication Required All Methods
Security Optional All Methods Pluggable authentication
Subscription Optional All Methods HTTP, SMTP delivery implemented, pluggable
Subscription Listener Optional All Methods Client and Server side implementations
Value Set Caching Optional Partial Since 3.3
Value Set Validation Optional Implemented Since 3.3
Replication Optional All Methods Since 3.3
Custody and Ownership Transfer Optional All Methods Since 3.3, full support

The following is a list of other features of interest

API Spec Supported Notes
Digital Signatures Server req Full support Java and .NET clients and in browser signing
Client side Subscription Listener Optional Full support Java and .NET clients
WSDL to UDDI Recommendation Full support 1 Java, .NET clients and web GUI
WADL to UDDI Recommendation Full support 1 Java, .NET clients and web GUI
BPEL to UDDI Recommendation Full support 2 Java client
UDDI Technical Compliance Kit - Full support Provides a standalone UDDI testing capability
Internationalization Recommendation Yes Both end user interfaces (User and Admin web apps) are supported. Error messages from the server are externaliws and can be overwritten.
Replication Two Stage Commit Server Optional No The spec talks about a Conditional New Data message.
UDDI Policy Recommendation No The spec

Supported Sort Orders

Find Qualifier Spec Supported Notes
binarySort Required yes
caseInsensitiveSort Required no JIRA discussion
caseSensitiveSort Required yes
sortByNameAsc Required yes
sortByNameDesc Required yes
sortByDateAsc Required yes
sortByDateDesc Required yes
JIS-X4061 Optional no Japanese Character Strings

Supported Find Qualifiers

Find Qualifier Spec Supported Notes
andAllKeys Required yes
approximateMatch Required yes
bindingSubset Required yes
caseInsensitiveMatch Required yes
caseSensitiveMatch Required yes
combineCategoryBags Required yes
diacriticInsensitiveMatch Optional yes
diacriticSensitiveMatch Required yes
exactMatch Required yes
signaturePresent Required yes
orAllKeys Required yes
orLikeKeys Required yes
serviceSubset Required yes
suppressProjectedServices Required yes
UTS-10 Recommended yes

Supported Authentication Mechanisms

  • Username/Password via Security API/Auth Token
    • LDAP
    • Clear text password file
    • Encrypted password file
    • JBoss container based