This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache jUDDI – Continuous Integration Fork me on GitHub


This project uses Maven in conjunction with the BuildBot Continuous Integration System which is maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.

Build Configurations

For a list of all the current build configurations, visit this link.

jUDDI currently builds with the following configuration matrix.

JPA Provider JDK Operating System .NET Runtime Application Container SOAP Framework
OpenJPA OpenJDK 8 Ubuntu Microsoft.NET 3.5 Apache Tomcat 9.x Apache CXF
Hibernate Oracle JDK 8 Windows 7 Mono 3.x Apache Tomcat 9.x .NET WCF, .NET ASP.NET


The following is a link to the continuous integration system used by the project.



Configuration for notifying developers/users when a build is unsuccessful, including user information and notification mode is done via the development mailing list.


The jUDDI project also employs the BuildBot’s IRC bot, which enables us to trigger builds manually and to make alterations to the build process.