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Chapter 8. UDDI Migration and Backup Tool

Table of Contents

8.1. Using the tool
8.1.1. Get help
8.1.2. Use case: basic import and export
8.1.3. Use case: Import and Export while preserving ownership information

The UDDI Migration and Backup Tool can be used to perform a number of administrative tasks such as

In addition, the migration tool has a few features that serve as job aids.

The UDDI Migration and Backup Tool is Command Line Interface program and has a number of use cases such as:


The migration tool will not overwrite data when importing.

There are many configuration options and settings for the migration tool. This tool is distributed with the uddi client distribution package.

>java -jar juddi-migration-tool-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar
This tool is used to export and import UDDI data from a UDDI v3 registry
Random TIP: Without the preserveOwnership flag, all imported data will be owned by the username that imported it.

usage: java -jar juddi-migration-tool-(VERSION)-jar-with-dependencies.jar
 -business <arg>      Im/Export option, file to store the business data,
                      default is 'business-export.xml'
 -config <arg>        Use an alternate config file default is 'uddi.xml'
 -credFile <arg>      Import option with -preserveOwnership, this is a
                      properties file mapping with user=pass
 -export              Exports data into a UDDIv3 registry
 -import              Imports data into a UDDIv3 registry
 -isJuddi             Is this a jUDDI registry? If so we can in/export
                      more stuff
 -mappings <arg>      Im/Export option, file that maps keys to owners,
                      default is 'entityusermappings.properties'
 -myItemsOnly         Export option, Only export items owned by yourself
 -node <arg>          The node 'name' in the config, default is 'default'
 -pass <arg>          Password, if not defined, those is uddi.xml will be
 -preserveOwnership   Im/Export option, saves owership data to the
                      'mappings' file
 -publishers <arg>    jUDDI only - In/Export option, file to store
                      publishers, default is 'publishers-export.xml'
 -stripSignatures     Im/Export option, removes digital signatures from
                      all signed items, default is false
 -tmodel <arg>        Im/Export for tmodels, file to store tmodel data,
                      default is 'tmodel-export.xml'
 -user <arg>          Username, if not defined, those is uddi.xml will be