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Chapter 3. Key Format Templates

Table of Contents

3.1. UDDIv3 key format
3.2. jUDDI key format templates
3.2.1. Advantages of using a template
3.2.2. Default UDDIKeyConvention Key Templates
3.2.3. How to use the templates?
3.2.4. Where to define to properties?

The UDDI v3 keys are formatted such that they are human readable. The short story is that UDDI v3 keys are formatted like: uddi:<domain>:name. For example, if you wanted a tModel defined as "uddi:www.mycompany.com:serviceauthenticationmethod", you would first have to create a tModel key generator with value "uddi:www.mycompany.com:keygenerator".

The jUDDI client has taken the key format approach one step further so the name part of the key actually helps you understand what the key is for, or even better in the case of a binding template what server registered the key.